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Hi I'm Janice Amirault.

I’m a Holistic Nutritional Consultant who helps women over 50 finally quit dieting so they can lose weight, get their energy back, & achieve a level of health they thought was impossible post-menopause.

You're here because you're interested in better health but you’re struggling to find a way to finally put an end to your battle with cravings and emotional eating.

You've tried to do it alone, but realize you need support. You need someone who understands what you're going through. Someone whose been there.

As a woman who has been through my own health challenges and finally let go of the habits that kept me unhealthy for years, I know what it’s like to want to lose weight and feel better.

I know what it's like to diet but eventually fall back into the same old self-sabotaging habits that have led you here and searching for answers.

In the past you've managed to gain some momentum, only to have your dreams shattered because you strayed off course and couldn't find your way back.

Feeling this way only draws you into a downward spiral of self-doubt and it gets in the way of achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

You know that the person you are meant to be is deep within you and she is waiting to live a happy and healthy life ...


What sets me apart from other health coaches?

It's my unique and science-backed approach to weight loss due to struggles with my own health.

I've been through two life-threatening illnesses. I went from barely surviving to thriving!

I'm living proof that we have a say in the outcome of our health and future.

I believe in getting to the root of the problem, not just covering it up with a band-aid solution. Science has proven that over that about 95% of illness and disease can be eliminated through environmental & lifestyle choices alone, and with my strategy of using a science-backed approach, my clients achieve amazing results.

I came to realize that hormone imbalance is the reason why my clients struggle with their health and can't lose weight. And sugar is at the root of this imbalance.

Today,  educate women on a new approach to breaking up with sugar so they can balance their hormones and finally reach a level of health they never imagined possible.

Over the last decade I've helped hundreds of women lose weight, look amazing and live well by ditching sugar.

I transformed my own life by quitting sugar and now I bring my science-backed approach to women worldwide so they can finally live the glorious life they were meant to live.

You want to be met where you are and guided towards achieving the results you deserve.  With my help you can take your health to the next level.

I founded my business on the principle that achieving optimal health is possible and no matter where you are on your wellness journey, there is potential for progress and results.

Good health is the foundation to living a full and happy life.  I work with you to help you balance your hormones so you can finally get to the size you were meant to be.

You can surpass the limits you have set for yourself.

It's so much easier to make a change and take your health to the next level when you have someone to guide you.

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